About me


My name is AndrĂ© Silva and I’m a 30 y/old Portuguese Software Engineer from Lisbon, Portugal.

# A bit about me

I wasn’t always focused on the development world.

During high school I got the chance to intern at a consulting firm in my hometown, mainly working with setting up data centers and configuring network systems.

After high school, I went to college to take a Computer Science Bachelor’s degree. During that first few months, I participated in a couple of hackathons and startup projects, primarily just for fun, but always with the goal in mind to build a curriculum and some professional experience.

During that time I started to discover the growing startup scene in Lisbon and during those summer vacations, I got myself an internship at one of those startups (which end up failing, as most of them do).

Going back to my 2nd year of college, I was offered to be part of Unbabel, one of the first Portuguese startups to enter Y-Combinator, which I have been working there ever since.

# What I care about

I consider myself to be a Backend Software Engineer, that dabbles in Frontend and is invested in the DevOps world. I like to understand complex problems and turn them into simple ones, figuring out the architecture of the whole system, from the user’s point of view to the underlying stack.

I mostly develop web base applications or internal tools, but I’m also interested in the operational side of things like:

  • automating manual tasks,
  • building easy processes for people to follow,
  • writing maintainable, modular software,
  • and creating pleasant and clear documentation.

# Hobbies?

When I’m not working, I’m probably either cooking, watching tv shows, reading, writing on my blog or surfing.