My name is André Silva, I'm a 26 y/old guy from Lisbon, that likes Startups, Artificial Intelligence, Surf and TV Shows.

I consider myself to be one of the few lucky ones to have got theopportunity to work with the most hard working and passionate people thatcreates and builds Unbabel everyday. As a Backend Engineer (wannabe Full-Stack)in one of the firsts Portuguese Startups to enter Y-combinator, I careabout turning complex problems into simple ones, understanding all the systemsarchitecture, front the backend to the frontend user experience.

Although I work as a Backend Engineer @ one of the best Startups in Portugal,I'm also currently enrolled in the best engineering school of portugal, InstitutoSuperior Técnico, in a Bologna Degree in Information Systems and Computer ScienceEngineering. I'm planning on enrolling in a MSc in Intelligent Systems sometime in the future.

As a full time worker/student, I find myself without much time to procrastinate,so when I'm not working or studying, you'll find me in the gym, training selfdefense, "hackathoning" or just enjoying the amazing waves that Lisbon can give you.